St.Ives Face Mists: 
Hydrating mists with mood enhancing benefits

After working with the St.Ives team on a very successful redesign for the traditional skincare portfolio of St.Ives skin products – we were approached to create revolutionary designs for a new range of products that would appeal to a younger teenaged demographic. And this demo was looking for a fun and engaging way to hydrate their skin.
These products were inspired by tried & true beauty products, but at an affordable price and available in drug stores. And with a next level benefit — each face mist includes natural mood-enhancing ingredients. As such, we obviously we took the opportunity to introduce a more playful take on the brands vibrantly natural visual language. 

agency: 1HQ, New York, NY
client: Unilever
responsibility: Design, Illustration, Design Direction
creative director: Ben Glotzer
copywriting: Rachel Ray
contributing designers: Christian Pandelides

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