Happy babies drink Happy Baby Organic Formula

A concept design for Happy Baby organic infant formula. We worked with the Happy Baby family to create concepts for a new expansion of their existing products. We went above and beyond creative limitations – but of course we were only matching the above average quality & performance of Happy Baby products! 
For Happy Baby, introducing infant formula was a great opportunity for them to deliver on their promise to provide the best possible organic Enlightened Nutrition in an underserved area of organic baby food products - from birth.

Happy Family Products are more then just a regimen for you and your baby — They are there for you at every stage, helping you to navigate through every milestone, and making it easier to give your family the best nourishment available. Making filling the gap in their product offerings (0-6 month babies) a huge opportunity.

The strategic design areas explored were stylistically different - to challenge us all to envision what the right balance of natural, playful & effective would be. 

As an associated excesize to developing the strategic creative areas, we also visualized the unique Happy Baby formula key elements and ingredients, for each area, to help us stretch the legs of the visual styles.

During the design strategy & research phase we looked at competitive landscape, which is one where consumers are extremely cautious, but once they commit they are fiercely loyal. Our goal was to set the Happy Baby formulas apart from a crowded category with a clear organic offering, that was inspired by natural beauty & nutrition combined.

We were also drawn to a few areas outside the category that lead to strategic inspiration for the Happy Baby formula products design, influencing key language & visual styling. 

agency: Elmwood, New York, NY
client: Happy Family Organics
responsibility: Design, Illustration, Design Direction
creative director: Ben Greengrass
associate creative director: Christian Bird
contributing designers: Alyssa Cohen, Jamie Connell

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