The founders of Bespoke Wine – a fledgling group of wine makers out of the Sonoma Coast region of California – and myself were acquainted out of pure serendipity, 3000 miles away from their vineyards & my home state. After getting to know the partners behind these exquisitely crafted wines, my mission was clear, and we developed the what would become the successful look and feel for their brand and products.

The abstract illustration was designed to deliver information about the sources of the grapes for each wine. It is visually inspired by topological maps of the Sonoma Coast region, combined with a map of sorts - a custom suit jacket pattern - paying homage to the inspiration for the Bespoke name.

Early in the process we developed a world of inspiration for the Bespoke brand, as a strategic road map for developing actual look of the packaging. The results were very much drawn from the personalities of the 4 partners, their confidence, and their approach of expertise and passion for detail and refinement.

responsibility: Art Direction, Design
contributing designers: Samantha Allen
client: Bespoke Wine, NYC & Sonoma, CA