Bare Fruit produces All Natural & Organic dried fruit snacks. The most popular being their apple chips, but the product range extends to a wide variety of fruits and snacks.

This brand and packaging redesign was a huge update to bring the brand into the current market, where it was already flourishing as a leader in the all natural health food category, we aimed to bring them a fresh & fun look to appeal to health conscious consumers and families. Our strategy had a strong focus on the direction for photography, and finding a unique way to show the fruit and chips together - especially considering the unusual shapes and colors that the dried apple chips tend to have.

The process was a definitely a fun and tasty one - below is some of other directions that we chewed on.

agency: Aisle 9, Los Angeles, CA
responsibility: Art Direction, Design
creative director: MaryAnn Castaldi
client: Bare Fruit, San Francisco, CA
photography: Dana Maione, Los Angeles, CA

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